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                Welcome to Flon Holdings Booth at China International Medical Device Exhibition 2018

                The 78th?China International Medical Spring Exhibition will be held at Kunming in Yunnan Province on 29th Oct. to 1st Nov., 2017. Welcome all guests to visit our IVD Reagents and wound care products.

                Vuln!! Path it now!!

                Vuln!! Path it now!! Vuln!! Path it now!!

                Welcome to Traumark Medical Booth at Liaoning Drugs and Medical Devices Investment Conference

                Liaoning Drugs and Medical devices Investment Conference will be held at Shenyang in Dongbei Province on 19th?Oct., 2017. Welcome to visit our wound care and medical beauty & skin care products.

                Dr. Lulu Fan has been granted as Associate Professor of CHANGZHOU UNIVERSITY

                Doctor lulu Fan has great findings in her report?The Application of Screw Ring Skeleton Ligand and OSMs Catalyst in Asymmetrical Reaction & the Introduction of Recombinant Collagen. As an associate professor of CHANGZHOU UNIVERSITY, she is making a lecture report for scholars and leadership from Biological Medical Engineering and Health Science Institute.

                Welcome to Traumark Medical Booth at the 6th Chinese Annual Meeting of Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Medicine (MIAM)

                The 6th?MIAM will be held at Beijing on 23rd?Sept., 2017. Welcome to visit Traumark medical devices and Dr. Select CO2?Gel Packs.

                Traumark Medical sponsors Jiangsu Association Integrative Medicine

                Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Association Integrative Medicine Burn Surgery Association is held at Changzhou with the support of the sponsor Traumark Medical.

                Welcome to Traumark Medical Booth at the 14th China Medical Industry Device Cooperation Summit

                The 14th?China Medical Industry Medical Device Cooperation Summit will be held in Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province on 8th?April. Welcome all guests to visit our products.